A Mirra Holiday: Here's a discount off 5 of our favorite brands.



1. NIU BODY: Take 30% off their serums with code “MIRRA30”

What we're buying: the Glow Serum. This unique blend of camellia seed oil, jojoba oil, bergamot essential oil, and Vitamin E will leave your skin radiant and bright with #nofilter needed.

5. Soul Addict: Take 25%  off your order with code “askmirra”

What we're buying: the Hemp CBD Elixir. This gift of liquid zen from nature will help to balance your mind, body and soul 

2. Pulp Pantry:  Take 30% off your order with code “MIRRA30”

What we're buying: the Apple Pie Grain-Free Granola. Pulp Pantry transforms a neglected resource, organic fruit and vegetable pulp, into delicious snacks to make it easy to more incorporate fruits and veggies into everyone’s lives. In the spirit of this mission, they are donating 5% of holiday sales this year to The Garden School Foundation, which brings fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income schools across Los Angeles.

4. LILY DE MAI: Take 30% off your order with code “Merry30”

What we're buying: HARMONY. This light silky oil serum deeply hydrates, revitalizes and renews dry, distressed, sensitive skin. Its blend of Omega 3/6 rich organic plant oils, Ceramide 3 and Pomegranate sterols moisturize and improve skin softness and elasticity, while bisabolol and Gromwell extracts help to soothe and comfort your skin.

3. WHYLD Skincare: Take 30% off your order with code “MIRRA30”

What we're buying: the Youth Activating Elixir. This fast-absorbing facial oil is formulated with 17 active botanical oils, including wild-crafted Marula oil, watermelon, black currant, pomegranate, crambe and chia seed oil to provide nourishing essential fatty acids and antioxidants to your skin.



Offers expire at 11:59PM on January 2nd 2017

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