Mirra Guide: This is How You Elevate Your Bath Game

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After interviewing so many babes in the beauty industry, we discovered a common theme when it comes to self-care: bathtime. Even I can’t deny that while our favorite part of the day consists of binge-watching Netflix TV shows (yes, bb, I’m still watching), bathtime is a close second.

It seems like we're constantly juggling 10 tasks at once, so when I finally get enough time to break away and relax, I jump on it. To us, bathing isn’t just a means to get ready for that hot date with Stranger Things, it’s a way to “shut off” the world and, essentially, re-charge. A ritual, if you will.


If nothing else, always make time to bathe on Sundays. Trust me, it’s the best cure for #SundayScaries. And being the beauty-obsessed gals that we are, it’s also when I can test out new and exciting skin and bodycare. Through trial and error, we’ve curated a list of incredible beauty finds to lead you to the ultimate zen zone.

Everlasting Daisy Donut Bath Bombs


Bath bombs? Yes. Doughnut bath bombs? YASSS. Forget Krispy Kreme - these coconut oil-based bath bombs will give you that instant doughnut fix you’ve been craving for. Well, maybe not, but they’re still cute AF to look at… and bathe in! Each one is packed with Dead Sea Salts to leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and nourished.

Captain Blankenship Lime & Coconut Salty Sweet Body Scrub


Summer may be over, but you can quickly be transported back to the beach with this lime and coconut bath scrub.  Formulated to gently exfoliate, your skin will be feeling silky skin in no time. Shea butter leaves skin feeling incredibly nourished and soft as you soak in the energizing citrus scent.

Lily de Mai Purity Face Mask


Roses are red, violets are blue. We love to be clean, and so should you. That starts with giving your body that extra TLC, and we have just the body wash for you. This natural shower gel h will have you feeling squeaky clean in no time, with the perks of Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5. Invigorating enough to get you up in the morning, but soothing enough to make any night time bathing ritual complete. If rose ain’t your thing, we got you. The body wash comes in tons of different naturally-scented variations.

Momoko Therapeutics Palo Santo and Pinon Pine Candle

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Not only is this candle made with environmentally-sustainable soy wax and wild-harvested essential oils, it’s literally meditation in a bottle. Light this baby in your bathroom for your next bathing #mirritual, and you’ll instantly feel more centered and relaxed because of the Palo Santo and Pinon Pine.

For most, baths are a treat - something you can look forward to after a long week at work. (Unless you’re Emma Watson, who bathes 3x a day… #winning). Lily de Mai is like your saving grace during those times. The Purity face mask instantly revives the skin with a blend of marine minerals and seaweed. It’s chocked full of antioxidants, which help to neutralize skin-damaging free radicals too.

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